VFX Artist & Supervision

Need freelance visual effects services? I’m your guy, with over 4 years of experience as a VFX Generalist (i.e: I do a little bit of everything). I specialize in compositing and so called “invisible” VFX work such as the correction of production errors. I currently offer supervision services on set on a project by project basis.

I have worked on visual effects for feature films, television and short form projects. Some of my larger projects have not yet been distributed and so I cannot share the work at the time of writing. Please contact me for examples.


I am also recognised on IMDB for my visual effect contributions to a number of projects with a combined budget of nearly $3,000,000. New projects always pending.

VFX Generalist Services
- Consulting / on-set VFX Supervising
- Correction of production errors, cosmetic errors, logo removal, etc
- Rotoscoping
- Motion tracking
- Blood impact/bullet hits/splatter (to a very high standard)
- Fire effects & on set VFX Supervision for fire effect sequences
- General compositing
- Basic 3D work (discuss with me)
- Lighting changes
- Weather changes

Please contact me to request my services or to have a no obligation chat about your project.