About Me

Hello, I’m John ;

I am a RainDance Award Nominated Freelance Film & Director based near London.

I spend more time than I care to admit using After Effects and offer my AE expertise to clients both privately and through agencies.

I love to experiment and produce both live action and animated work.

My crossover background has given me 11 years of experience in the video game, animation, visual effects and film industries. I have also held teaching positions.

In 2016, the film The Listener which I was VFX Supervisor on was long listed for a BAFTA.

I also served as VFX Supervisor on ShootingPeople’s Film of the Month “Venus and Mars”.

Other achivements include published video games with Bluefish Media & BBC3 animation award shortlisting.

You can see some of my work on Netflix right now, as described in my blog recently.

I am currently ushering a short film entitled The Grand Tour through a heinous post production process for 2018.

I support a number of charities including Mind UK.

Producers / agencies / clients: If you want to hear my take on your project or get me involved, you need only ask!

ddrw_check@hotmail.com | 07534541587