March 21, 2018#

Charity Animation Segment

Charity Animation Segment | Motion Graphics from Sea Beast Media on Vimeo.

Excerpt from longer documentary. In total, I directed and animated 4 minutes of content for the project. Voice over was provided.

January 11, 2018#

Website Header Animation & VFX Bats for Film Teaser

Some updates. I created a motion graphics website header for Code23.

Code 23 Social Media Ad from Sea Beast Media on Vimeo.

I also created some VFX for a film teaser.

VFX for Horror Film | Sea Beast Media from Sea Beast Media on Vimeo.

The clip is loud! It was shot on a long lens but even so, the bats must be moving at warp speed to make it to the camera in time. They are also much, much bigger than they should be & don’t have reflections!

Something something keywords something something SEO.

September 21, 2017#

Top 0.5% of PeoplePerHour

Top Animators on PeoplePerHour, John Andrew Cameron

I offer a few services on the website PeoplePerHour, including explainer video creation & animated branding work. I also offer general After Effects services.

Today I made the cut as one of PeoplePerHour’s top 0.5% of providers, as shown.

You can visit my PPH profile by clicking here.

September 16, 2017#

VFX work

I’m currently working on VFX for director Jesse McAnally. Tasks include gunfire work & insertion of crystal ball containing changing messages. Small job but surprisingly challenging.

jesse1_00031 jesse 3_00035

July 25, 2017#
May 1, 2017#

Award from Shooting People


A long time ago I did VFX work for the short film “Venus & Mars” for Director Siobahn Schwartzberg.

It was produced by the perhaps delicious Emily Munster.

The film was voted Shooting People’s Film of The Month.

This is the first project I’ve been attached to that has won a competition.


Following the victory, I was e-mailed the exciting image above which summarizes what has happened.

Watch Link: https://shootingpeople.org/filmofthemonth/film/venus-and-mars-1/

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3466538/?ref_=nm_flmg_vsl_1

February 16, 2017#

The Grand Tour

I am currently (mis) directing a dramatization of the Voyager mission of 1970s/1980s fame. I am working on music & post production & visual effects (ongoing!)

It is an ambitious project for me and I’ve been working on it for quite a while. More to follow.

The Grand Tour_00000 The Grand Tour_00001 The Grand Tour_00002 The Grand Tour_00003 The Grand Tour_00004 The Grand Tour_00005 The Grand Tour_00006 The Grand Tour_00007 The Grand Tour_00008

December 26, 2016#

BAFTA Long Listed, The Listener Short FIlm

Hello. A short film I was involved in (VFX Supervisor) has been BAFTA long listed. My role included the realization of an invisible character who interacts with her environment, portrayed by Dame Harriet Walsh. Other tasks included set extension, matte work and cleanup.

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing but somehow I winged it and got away with it.

“Long-listed for a BAFTA in 2016, The Listener is a dystopian sci-fi starring Amit Shah (Black Mirror, The Hundred Foot Journey) and Dame Harriet Walter (Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, Babel).”

The Listener (BAFTA long-listed, 2016) from Good Shout on Vimeo.

Find out more at: The Listener Website

Directed by Michael Gilhooly. David Wright was Director of Photography. More cast/crew information available on the film’s website.

December 5, 2016#

Shore Break Television Ident

I have long dreamed about making an ident for a television show.

Recently, my dream came true when I was given the chance to work on the intro for an Australian TV show called “ShoreBreak”. My role was the addition of motion graphics.

I liked the project because I have always thought that the ocean is sick. Because the series is about the ocean, water and surfing I added motion graphics of maps and so on over video clips of the ocean, water and surfing.

I e-mailed the Producer to ask him if I will get another delicious IMDB credit but have not heard back from him and may never. He was a good boss though and I’m glad I had this opportunity. Please, enjoy the intro below all the same.

TV Intro Test from Sea Beast Media on Vimeo.

July 1, 2016#

The Grand Tour Update

Mini update on my work for the sake of it,

I’m still working hard on The Grand Tour short film. It’s a shame that the new Amazon Top Gear show will have the same name as my short film but I’m already committed to the name as its mentioned within the film itself.

After a few detours, I / we’re back on track with this one. We’ll be shooting some more material and working with a 3D expert & painter to round up new visuals. After that, I’ll be hunting down a new composer to bring it through to completion.

I recently brought the latest cut of the film to two people further along in the industry than me and recieved invaluable feedback. “Kill your babies” they say with regards to cutting content…

You can find me on twitter for updates although I am usually working and not on social media. I was prompted to post this update because I recognize that a long time without blogging diminishes website ranking.

I’ve also been working for Brad Watson on Hallows Eve and Abi Jarvis on Unreality as VFX Supervisor. Possibly my final two projects in the capacity.

UPDATE: Fantastic poster for Hallows Eve by Brad Watson!