The Grand Tour

Feb 2018 Update 

This month I have been polishing up two of the film’s 4 planets.

I’m still waiting on our funding to come in to do our last shoot and get the film out the door. Nothing substantial will happen until that comes through, sadly.

Some GIFs…





December 2017 Update

Quick update on the project,

We’re currently waiting for funding to come thru to complete filming. In the interim, I’ve been reworking the prologue, intermission and epilogue of the film.

I have also bought a brand new hard drive and begun cleaning up all of the project’s source files & project files. Although it’s no fun, it will pay off dividends in the final run – right now everything is a mess and by baking down assets and having everything neat and tidy, productivity will be increased.

Finally, I’ve made the decision to increase the frame size to 1920×812 from 1280×540. It’s a small change but I am now confident enough in the quality of the VFX that we can get away with a slightly bigger frame size (as shown below).



- – -


Hello everyone,

Abi & John here.


This is a {private} page with an update on the Grand Tour and what’s been happening & what will happen next.


Life Happens

Recently a few people involved in the Grand Tour have understandably e-mailed to ask “where is it?”

I (john) took a year off to deal with personal difficulties not of my choosing. I resumed work on the project this summer, and it’s been going well since then. I have been quiet because I thought it’s best to only get back on the radar once progress was well under way.


Scope / Content / Length

The film now focuses on the discoveries made in space, with less emphasis on events on the ground.
Fortunately much of the footage we shot of ground events has survived the editing process and are included in a prologue & intermission in the film. Inevitably, though, some things have been cut. It’s been one of those projects. We’ll be reaching out to any victims of this shortly with options.

The film now runs to ~18 minutes and works much better for having been overhauled.




The film’s score is now completely done! The film’s score has been composed by Denis Tunguz. I spent the summer working to save up for it & working thru it with Denis. You can listen to a sample of Denis’ original score for the film below: he has written 16 minutes of original music including different themes for each planet; this was no mean feat for him!




Abi suggested a teaser or a trailer but I think that’s a bit mental releasing a trailer or teaser for a short film, so here are some moving pictures just to demonstrate that things do move in the film.

insta insta insta2 insta3 insta4 insta5



Various still pictures below. I’ve released most of these before because they are my go-to images and I like not to show everything prematurely.



I am a visual effects worker by trade and filming things is something where I have to make up for my lack of experience with a willingness to retry, retry, retry until it works.

The film has 96 slates; 6 of them I think it would be best to do over and do better. The whole project has been an iterative process for me; getting closer and closer to 96/96 done right. Having spent my summer on music with Denis, I am now in a position to think about the final stretch of filming & editing & VFX.

At the moment I’m saving up for a final shoot in a large pre-lit studio. Abi and I will be in touch with anyone affected by reshoots / retakes individually when we’re ready.